snow day!

school was cancelled as of 4pm yesterday because of the severe danger the kids would’ve been in… because of THIS snow.  the kids are so excited – it’s the blizzard of 2009!!!!!

we’ve spent the morning playing in the snow, drinking pink hot chocolate, and working on kendall’s “100th Day of Kindergarten” project.  my goal is to stay in my pajamas all day… and cozy up with my sewing machine making kendall’s birthday outfits!!!


we spent christmas in north carolina this year at papa jack’s house, and visited everyone in lillington too.  here are some of the highlights:

collecting pecans in papa jack’s yard (check out brian up in the tree, shaking them out!), opening gifts (wow were we all spoiled), and relaxing a lot…


thank goodness we have lorien to make us all look so pretty & handsome…

these pictures say it all, but if you require explanation: cooper is a first-class goofball.  and kendall has a really pathetic fake smile.

we celebrated thanksgiving at lake gaston at “happy place” with mom & dad, brooke, papa jack, papa joe & nanny ruth, and mom’s co-worker/friend nikki and her family, hubby steve, son hayden, and sweet baby emma.  we had a great time relaxing, boating, fishing, cooking, and brooke & i made a total of 7 pair of pajama pants for her friends and each of us – but you’ll have to check out my craft blog for pics of all that later.  on sunday afternoon everyone left, except for me : ) — that was the last piece of my 30th birthday cake: two days of solitude at the lake… just me and my sewing machine – pure bliss!!!!!!

the kids have always grumbled about playing outside, and just recently cooper has realized that he has FUN out there – imagine the possibilities (he loves his scooter, his tricycle (though he just learned to ride his two-wheeler with training wheels three days ago), and play under the boat & behind the shed)!  kendall is slowly following his lead (she loves to run, play horsey, swing, and generally boss cooper around — but she hates riding her bike).  they also have been “walking laps” around the backyard fence, because that’s what kendall’s teacher makes them do if they misbehave in school.  fortunately, kendall’s only gotten in trouble ONE TIME at school, for sloppy handwriting.  let me tell you, if that’s the worst thing she does in school, we’ll be in GOOD shape!!!!!!

as if the nkotb concert and the pinkstravaganza wasn’t enough… brian woke me up the friday before my birthday, and whisked me away to charleston for the weekend — without kids!!!!!!!  we left after kendall & cooper were off to kindergarten & preschool, and mom & dad arrived from virginia in time to pick them both up.  we stayed for two nights in a great hotel, ate delicious and fancy food, shopped until my new “sassy” brown boots were killing my barely-still-29-year-old feet, photographed the gorgeous architecture with the NEW CAMERA he surprised me with on the way down, visited the breathtaking Angel Oak tree, and had the most romantic weekend we’ve had, well, for as long as i can remember.  IT. WAS. WONDERFUL!!!!!  see for yourself…